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As you look for your desire security products from the right suppliers we are here as your partner. We supply security product ranging from high end to mass security system promotional item to high end. We serve highly marketable items essentially needed for Cargo, Airline, Maritime, Cover Van, Cash carrying in financial institution to ensure utmost security.

We believe that our company can serve you the genuine item to avoid pilferage/ robbery and reaching your valuable goods safely.Home - Saadman Enterprise
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Because of our efficiency of supplying required security items to some potential security service provider of Bangladesh the Acme Seals Group of Company a British owned company having their factory in Malaysia and who has sole distributor in 22 developed countries around the world selected  Saadman Enterprise a new generation entrepreneur to be Exclusive distributor in Bangladesh for marketing Acme’s Seals in the field of Cargo, Airlines, Maritime, Cover van, Cash carrying, and exportable item carrying safely up to its final destination. Home - Saadman Enterprise
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Partnership in Business Park

We are the Exclusive Distributor of all kinds of security products of Acme Seals Group of companies in Bangladesh. Acme Seals Group was established in 1884, Acme Seals is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality security seals. From the very first Acme Lead security seal designed and manufactured back in 1884, Acme Seals Group has continued to design, develop and manufacture innovative quality security seals to meet the requirements of their many thousands of customers efficiently and effectively all over the world.

To act as an Exclusive Distributor in Bangladesh we are selling and marketing successfully different ranges of security seals to our valued customers. 

We also doing business in export and import, supplying of Blankets, Shirts, T-Shirts, Fabrics, Woolen Jersey, preferably for uniformed persons of government organizations.